New Delhi: Shiv Sena has got rid of the BJP in Maharashtra, but controversies are not letting it go. Controversies over a cow and that too from a Congress minister. Women and child development minister of Uddhav cabinet, Yashomati Thakur has said that touching a cow drives away negativity. Yashomati is a Teosa MLA and is known for her comments that make headlines. Recently, she has said that voters can accept money from whoever they want but they must vote for the Congress.

Addressing a local body poll gathering, she stoked another controversy which has not yet died down.


“We didn’t have a government before and now we have taken the oath of office… but we are yet to fill our pockets”, the MLA from Amravati district Yashomati Thakur said. She added, “The people in Opposition are fully stocked with money but if they come to your house (to offer money), then don’t say no. Why drive Lakshmi (Hindu goddess of wealth) away (sic)?” She said adding that take money from anyone but vote for the Congress.

BJP already filed a complaint against Yashomati Thakur for encouraging corrupt practices.