It is always an exciting sight to watch a weaker animal run for his life as the predator inches towards it. Such an adrenaline-rushing chase between an iguana and an army of deadly snakes has caught the eye of many. A stunning footage of David Attenborough’s Planet Earth II, ‘Snakes vs Iguana,’ has been named the Best TV Moment Of The Year at TV BAFTAs. The high-paced chase video shot by veteran naturalist was aired in November leaving the viewers wide-eyed and at the edge of their seats. The breathtaking video of naïve yet gritty iguana got the audiences rooting for it as a bed of snakes thronged towards in the hope of a delicious meal.

The jungle has its own set of rules or rather just one rule – survival of the fittest. There is a food chain, making a creature either a predator or its food. In the video shot by English broadcaster David Attenborough showed the intense battle of survival of an iguana in an island full of snakes! The deadly reptiles who are in a mood to hunt and kill are never easy to get rid of, but the native American lizard does the unimaginable. Four King Cobras waiting for a selfie with daring youth: Real or fake, this picture is a perfect click!

A baby iguana hatched under the pebbles on the island of Fernandina showed the world his strong intent to live. While most of the iguanas on birth became an easy meal of the hunting snakes on the island, two babies deceived their hunters and escaped unhurt. Making a miraculous escape from the clutches of definite gory death, the video of baby iguana against snakes was compared to an ‘action movie’ by the TV viewers. Rightly So!

It is never an easy task to fend off the ‘hangry’ snakes but our hero, the baby iguana, does so. At the Fernandina Island, where baby iguanas hatch to become the easy food of snakes in their route to join their parents in water, this iguana taught how to do it like a boss. From dodging snakes at every turn and not giving up despite once being coiled by many slithery hunters, this brave iguana did not give up. It ran and ran, dived up the rocks to make ‘near-miraculous escape’ as said by David Attenborough in the voiceover.