Recently, when the U.S. passed a landmark judgement that legalised same sex marriage in all states of the country, the debate around homosexuality, alternative sexualities and gender has intensified. More and more people are discussing the issue and it has created an environment where people all around the world have started pushing for similar laws.

In India too, people celebrated the passing of the judgement and pushed their demands for the acceptance of the rights of the people belonging to the LGBTQ community. More people have started abandoning their closets and embracing their right to love whoever they want to. However, as a country, we still have a long way to go. Also Watch: Do Gays really need your approval? Hear this guy’s near-perfect rant video

IIT Bombay’s Saathi is an LGBTQ resource group, which is making small yet concerted efforts to make a difference in this regard. The purpose of the group is to advocate for the rights of gender and sexual minorities for a more inclusive campus. In this beautifully touching video, students who identify with alternate sexualities narrate their experiences of coming out to their closest friends and the impact that has had on their lives and their self image.

This heart warming video is a testimony to what can happen when love overpowers societal notions and breaks free of all the norms that we have always been forced to conform to.