Dehradun: Stray dogs in India are often neglected and abused, and hardly ever adopted. However, Uttarakhand Police has set a new precedent by training street dogs in order to make them a part of the police force.

In a first of its kind experiment in India, the Uttarakhand Police recruited street dogs as part of their sniffer squad. For a long time, The Indian Army and police departments have only been using foreign breeds such as German Shepherds, Great Swiss Mountain Dogs, and Labradors.

The official Twitter account of the Uttarakhand Police shared pictures from a training session of the street dogs along with a caption: “A dog that used to roam around on the streets is now the pride of the Uttarakhand Police dog squad. This experiment was done for the first time in our country by the Uttarakhand police. It turns out that Indian street dogs perform better than foreign breeds that cost lakhs.”

In a second tweet, Uttarakhand police posted a video of their sniffer squad with the caption, ‘This sniffer dog squad is the pride of Uttarakhand police. For the first time ever the police has trained a street dog and made the dog a part of this squad as an experiment’.

And surprisingly, our very own desi dogs outperformed expensive breeds of dogs, completing their tasks with discipline.

People on social media appreciated this experiment, saying that the police force will be able to save lakhs of rupees that they spend on foreign dog breeds. And at the same time, these dogs will be able to get shelter and proper food. Here are some reactions: