In an unlikely event, a man in China burnt incense stick to bless his brand new BMW. As a result, the spark from the incense sticks burned down the car completely.  The Chinese man is a resident of Jiangsu city of Yangzhou. However, the man did not expect that his stunt with sticks will go so wrong that his whole car will turn into ashes. According to reports, the luxury car was worth 470,000 Yuan (approximately Rs. 50 lakhs). The video of the incident has surfaced all around the Internet and it has gone viral.

The video has garnered around 36K views and 62 shares. Many Facebook users mocked at his act and have given sarcastic comments. One Facebook user wrote, “God said “Thank you, I’ll take this car” while the other commented, “The BMW gods love the sacrifice!”

Check out the video here

As per reports, the car was covered by a red cloth and authorities said that it was the red cloth that caught the fire which ultimately led to the burning of the entire car.