Northeast is a beautiful part of the country secured with snow-clad Himalayas. The place is the best to unwind yourself. Roaming in the region would get you a new found peace and thrill in yourself. You would find a new beauty in the stillness of the beauty of its charm. Time would pass by unknowingly in its lap.

Standing on the land you would see the zenith of the horizon and rapture in the deep valleys. The land is enchanting and amazingly tucked away in beauty of nature. Incredible India’s ad says how the place is equally enthralling inside as well as outside. How the virgin wind passes in through the windows of monasteries teasing you as if it is a new found prank. The morning sunshine in the tea valleys, the rising sun playing hide and seek through a crack in the rock would start amusing you. Walking through the darkness in between the rocks you would be amazed to smell the fragrance in between them. The waters, valleys, mountains, snow would touch you deep inside would seriously give you a second thought about spending more time with the nature’s forms.

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