India vs China: Soldiers get into a verbal duel at the Indo-Tibetan border! (Watch video)

This video from August 2015 has suddenly popped up on the viral scene again. Uploaded by Star Ocean on YouTube, it shows an argument between Indian and Chinese soldiers. The peacekeepers get into a verbal duel at the Indo-Tibetan border about the jurisdiction of China. An Indian soldier points out to the Chinese that they are patrolling in an area which does not belong to them. “This is not your area,” he says, even as other soldiers are seen wielding their smartphones for recording the verbal duel.

The Chinese here it seems are crossing into India from Tibet (a disputed land them for for years), and going about their business of encroaching upon the land. India and China are old enemies, and India has also given shelter to the Dalai Lama, spiritual leader and campaigner for a free Tibet. So, the two countries are not exactly friends.

Here’s an India vs China happening at the border, albeit verbally. Who wins the argument? Like in a war, no one. Watch video to know more!