Less than two weeks after India beat Pakistan to win the gold medal in Asian Games 2014, the sport’s greatest rivals will take the field against each other at the Sultan Sultan of Johor Cup on Wednesday. Even as the performances have waned and Europe and Australia have emerged as the new power-centres of hockey, India and Pakistan continue to draw large support and still look the most entertaining teams on the field as the players wield their skills. Here’s a look at the top three reasons to watch out for today’s hockey clash between the arch rivals. Catch the Free Live Streaming of India vs Pakistan Sultan of Johor Cup Hockey match here

1) Nothing is classier in hockey than an India-Pakistan clash

Even as the main teams won’t be playing in the Johaor Cup clash on Wednesday, few teams can make hockey look as artistically pleasing as India and Pakistan. European teams are more effective with their short runs and passes, but the lack of dribbling makes it for a mechanical game and dull viewing. India and Pakistan hockey matches are pacy and attacking. Catch the Live Score Updates of India vs Pakistan, Sultan of Johor Cup Hockey match here

2) Indian hockey is reinventing itself

Maybe not. But the recent win at the Asian Games has given a fresh breath of hope. And Johar Cup will provide a good glimpse of players to watch out for in the future. It is this tournament that will decide the fate of a lot of Under-21 players who will go on to represent the Indian team in much bigger competitions later.

3) It is India vs Pakistan

Be it cricket, kabaddi, hockey or basketball – it doesn’t matter as far as it is India vs Pakistan. Nothing can beat the rivalry between the two teams. The fact that the two subcontinent rivals are taking on each other makes for a good enough reason to watch the match. Sports offers them a good ground to peacefully demonstrate their might and dominance.