Continuing their winning streak in the World Cup, team India defeated Pakistan by 89 runs on Sunday, June 16. However, while Pakistan might have lost to the Virat Kohli-led team on the field, social media users from the country were winning on Twitter. Right from the beginning, when their captain won the toss and decided to field first, to their disappointing chasing of India’s 336, Pakistani cricket fans were all over Twitter making hilarious posts.

Taking a dig at their own captain and thoroughly praising Indian players for their energy, team spirit and fitness, Twitter users from Pakistan showed what ‘savage’ really means. The trolling level was so high that even Indian actor Swara Bhasker took notice of it and praised the people on the other side of the boundary for their brilliant sense of humour.

While one user blamed partition for the entire humiliation, another user hilariously asked team India to keep it little slow on the field or else their captain Sarfaraz will start crying. Check out these tweets:

We might have won the match but Pakistan surely won Twitter yesterday. Well, humour is all about the ability to laugh at yourself first!