The video may be a few months older, but seems apt for the current situation at the India-Pakistan border.  It shows how the present Union Minister of Transport and Rural Development Nitin Gadkari blasts Pakistan political analyst Tariq Pirzada on a news channel interview. Nitin Gadkari not only cautions Pakistan of its misdeeds but also issues a stern warning with some vigor.

In this brief video Nitin Gadkari says, “We don’t want war with Pakistan, we want peace; but at the same time we have zero tolerance against terrorism and terrorist organisations.” Issuing a stern warning to Pakistan, Gadkari said that If Pakistan does not stop it, we will not sit back quietly like our previous governments did.

Pakistani analyst Pirzada was quick in response tried to intimidate Nitin Gadkari said, “If India think to launch any attack against Pakistan under some false pretense of Dawood Ibrahim or some other terrorist group doing terrorist activities allegedly, let me remind India that Pakistan is a nuclear state.”

Nitin Gadkari reminds Pirzada about India’s strength as he says, “Doesn’t Pakistan know about India’s strength or what? Please go and give this dhamki to Manmohan Singh Sarkar and not us.”

There is more to the interview where India maintains a stern stand against Pakistan under Narendra Modi’s leadership which we failed to see during the decade long Manmohan Singh led government.