A video of an Indian family getting caught stealing accessories from a hotel in Bali is taking the internet by storm. In the viral video, the hotel staff can be seen opening their luggage to find hotel electronics and accessories.

The family was caught as they were checking out of the hotel. In the 2:20 minutes video, a staff member can be heard shouting at the family and asking for an explanation. A woman requests him to let them go since they had a flight to catch. The staff responds by saying, “stop yelling.” Another woman says they will pay for all the items they ‘stole.’

After a while, a man yells and says, “I will pay extra money.” The staff gets furious and says, “I know you have a lot of money. This is no respect.”

Towards the end of the video, another man tries to take the staff to a corner and resolve the matter. The staff member asks him to explain and pushes him away.

The video soon went viral and netizens called it ‘disgraceful.’ While one user wrote, “Tourists like this family spoils the name of our nation,” another wrote, “This is exactly the reason why Indian railways had the foresight to attach a toilet mug to a chain”.

The video was originally shared by a user named Hemanth, on Twitter. Sharing the video, he wrote, “This family was caught stealing hotel accessories. Such an embarrassment for India. Each of us carrying an #IndianPassport must remember that we are ambassadors of the nation and behave accordingly. India must start cancelling passports of people who erode our credibility.”