Chinese smartphone brand OnePlus launched its newest variant last week in the Indian market. The new variant called the OnePlus 5Tis the latest model that came only months after OnePlus5 were launched. The new variant was created as the company felt that there was “room for improvement” and they could provide a much better user experience. Like its earlier versions, OnePlus 5T has generated immense buzz in the mobile crazy Indian market as it goes on sale from tomorrow. However, one Indian man tried to be extra smart and not go the beaten path of adding the phone to cart and tried to take a shortcut and employ ‘jugaad’. He approached the OnePlus co-Founder with his request. Carl Pei, the OnePlus co-Founder shared a screengrab of an email that he received from the man who demanded to be given the new OnePlus 5T variant as a gift as his existing phone was “having reboot problem”. Naturally, the Twitterati had a blast and were highly amused by the man’s audacity and soon followed suit.

As they say, “Poochne mein kya jaata hai,” this Indian man went ahead and sent an email to Carl Pei demanding that he be given the new OnePlus 5T variant as his existing OnePlus smartphone was “having reboot problem”. The much amused Carl Pei shared the screengrab of the email on his Twitter which in turn made Twitterati highly amused, and they had a field day trying their own luck too.

Check the screengrab of the email that Carl Pei tweeted

Source: Twitter

Source: Twitter

Carl Pei’s tweet

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Well, Carl Pei definitely made a lot of people on Twitter laugh out loud at the man who sent him the email asking for a OnePlus 5T as his “natural right”. However, this was not the first time that the man had emailed the co-founder. He had sent a previous email which went unanswered, but this second email was shared by Carl Pei with his 1.2 lakh Twitter followers who were highly amused by the overly frank request.