She has got tremendous support all over the world, with prominent publications like the New York Times and Rolling Stone writing about her. What the young rapper Sofia Ashraf did to raise awareness about corporate giant Unilever’s actions in the city of Kodaikanal in Tamil Nadu, is making everyone applaud, not just because of her intentions, but also because of the epic way in which she did it. Also Read: Kodaikanal lake will be beautified: Jayalalithaa

Ashraf made a rap song attacking the actions of Unilever in Kodaikanal, which have led to the city’s rivers being polluted with mercury and used Nicki Minaj’s wildly popular song Anaconda’s music and beats! The song video called ‘Kodaikanal Won’t’ has had the desired effect- it has garnered immense support for the petition and has given Unilever’s image a run for it’s money.

Unilever has been forced to put up a note on its website clarifying their stand about its thermometer factory and has also spoken to the media about it. However vague and unsatisfactory the explanation may be, the video has made a million people better aware about the environmental repercussions of the activities of corporate giants.

Sofia’s bid to bring the issue to light has been so successful that even Nicki Minaj appreciated the video and tweeted about it! This rapper’s definitely got the right intentions and the right moves too- a lethal combination apparently capable of taking down the biggest of the corporate giants! Take a bow, Sofia Ashraf!