Carl Pei the co-founder of OnePlus has been hounded by Indians for a free smartphone after he shared an email that was sent to him by an Indian man who wanted the latest version of OnePlus 5T. Indians have taken the cue and started tweeting out to him so that they can procure the phone for free and even give bizarre reasons for it. Probably annoyed and frustrated by all the requests that he is getting, Carl Pei tweeted in Hindi today so that his message is received loud and clear by the Indian Twitter users. The Indian man who tweeted to Carl Pei probably wanted to make the most of the Black Friday sale that OnePlus was offering during Thanksgiving Day.

Carl Pei replied to a Twitter user who wanted a free OnePlus 5T smartphone to review on his YouTube channel. He wrote to the founder, “I want one to review it on my channel Send me one…. You’re not going to But still” which was in reply to Carl Pei’s tweet for the Black Friday sale of OnePlus. During Thanksgiving Day and a few other select holidays’ companies provide Black Friday sales to increase profit and high sales. The Indian man named Tejas S. Mate replied to Carl Pei and asked for a free smartphone so that he can review it on his channel. However, Carl Pei tweeted out, “Get a job Bhai.” Check out the tweets below. Indian Man Asks OnePlus Co-Founder Carl Pei To Gift Him OnePlus 5T, Twitterati Follows Suit

The request

Carl Pei’s Hindi tweet

Carl Pei’s Hindi tweet has already become viral and fetched around 1,329 likes, 521 retweets and around 149 comments. However, a lot of Twitter users called out to Carl Pei for being rude and the man being a genuine fan. They also pointed out that the man was probably joking since he already wrote that in his tweet and his reply should have been taken in jest.