So this stand-up artiste Sorabh Pant tells you that Indrani Mukerjea is in-fact Virat Kohli. Yes, the Indian Test cricket team captain. We know he does not make sense, neither this video by the East India Comedy. But if you look at the complete high profile Sheena Bora murder case involving famous media person Peter Mukerjea’s wife, Indrani, even that was senseless and bizarre. Also Read: Note by Delhi student: My mom is like Indrani Mukerjea; She likes having sex with many men!

Sorabh Pant in his video ‘Bottom Line: Indrani Mukherjea’ explained the level of absurdity in the Indrani Mukerjea and Sheena Bora Murder case. He tells about the complication of relations and the absolute puzzle called – The Family Tree of Indrani Mukerjea. Yes, we all are still wondering about her number of husbands, affairs, children and so much more. Also Read: Is the Sheena Bora murder case really a ‘burning issue’?

This video is actually a rant but the comic artist made his point regarding the consumption patter of news by the Indian audiences. He also talked about how every single media channels turned into a soap opera and practically ran a trial. Watch this video and tells how much it made sense to you.