Since 2012, International Day of Forests is celebrated on March 21st every year across the world. This day is celebrated to increase the public awareness among communities about the importance of trees and plants. To survive healthily we need fresh air and pollution-free areas. And forest helps to maintain the life cycle on Earth. World Forestry Day event was started in the year 1971 at the twenty-third General Assembly of European Confederation of Agriculture. And the United Nations Food and Agriculture Organization decided to celebrate this as an annual event on March 21.

After that on November 28, 2012, the United Nations General Assembly primarily established International Day of Forests by uniting two international remembrances i.e. Forest Day and World Forestry Day. It is a well-planned world-event which helps to enhance the public awareness about the worth of the forests.

Forestry also requires public attention like other branches of agriculture. It is very important for everyone to understand the value of forests in our daily lives. For national income, raw material source and local employment forest is the best source to achieve all these.

It also maintains the flora and fauna habitat balance. It plays a significant role in gathering and releasing water on the earth. On our planet, forests are a natural beauty which is important to be preserved to balance everything. To prevail greenery around us, saving forests is very necessary. Trees act as natural conditioners and reduce the temperature in no time during scorching heat. It reduces global warming.

If we plant more trees around our society, especially in Metropolitan cities it will help us to stay away from pollution as it acts like an air purifier. Forests also reduce noise pollution, maintain groundwater level and it is also good for our mental wellbeing.