It’s International Vegetarian Day on October 1, and vegetarians all over are propagating eating veggies and avoiding the killing of animals for meat. This video, uploaded a few day ago on YouTube, shows how animal rights activists are made fun of at a steak house when they campaign for their cause. A senior vegetarian lady demands for ‘Dog meat’ at the steak house and then argues that if it’s cruel to kill and eat dogs, the same is for chicken and fish.

‘It’s not just food, it’s violence’ the animal rights gang enters carrying these placards, but are not taken seriously by patrons at the restaurant. They are shoved out by a lady managing the place. (ALSO SEE: OMG! These 5 Vegetarian Foods items are actually Non-Vegetarian!)

Vegan Gains has uploaded the video on YouTube with this sick description, “A group of asshole vegans went to a steak house and ruined everyone’s night by chanting about animal cruelty. Watch how everyone reacted. #DogMeatPlease”.

For those of you who are vegetarian will not like the way the campaigners were treated. But maybe the design of their campaign also needs some thinking. Watch this video and tell us if you think the same.