After tweeting the video of Shalabhasana, this morning Prime Minister Narendra Modi has tweeted two more videos that elaborate the techniques in helping develop spiritual wellness. The video is shared just a day before the whole world celebrates the International Yoga Day. The first video explains an integral part of Yoga. It also explains step-by-step of the yoga meditation and elaborates on proper breathing techniques. Yoga asana Dhyana helps in improving concentration to meditate for a longer duration.

PM Modi tweeted, “Meditation is the most important and integral part of Yoga. (sic)”

In the second animated video, the asana Nadi Shodhana or alternate nostril breathing is elaborated with correct techniques. It is beneficial for heart patients. “Nadi Shodhana is extremely beneficial. Watch its techniques and benefits. (sic), PM Modi tweeted.

A few days back, he tweeted an animated video of himself where he can be seen performing yoga that helps strengthen back. In the video, he can be seen doing Shalabhasana as it tells its benefits. He tweeted along with the video, “Stronger wrists, back muscles and prevention of spondylitis…just some of the reasons why practising Shalabhasana is beneficial. (sic)”

The animated yoga videos featuring PM Modi debuted last year online. So far, more than 12 yoga asanas have been demonstrated in the animated series. The first video was posted on June 5, 2019.

In 2014, Prime Minister Narendra Modi proposed the idea of International Yoga Day during his speech at United Nations General Assembly and also suggested June 21 to be dedicated to Yoga day as it is the longest day of the year.