Apple released their most sought after iPhone series on Wednesday with a host of new features. While the new iPhones were welcomed by social media with funny tweets, a YouTuber bore it all and queued up to buy the new iPhone X. Mazen Kourouche wanted to be the first to buy the new smartphone and hence decided to wait outside Sydney’s Apple store for 10 days. The 20-year-old student who is an iPhone queued outside the Apple store when the company was yet to launch the new phone. He camped outside an Apple store in George Street in Sydney for 10 days with food, a chair, and other essentials, however, things did not happen as planned. Apple unveiled brand new phone at its new headquarters in Cupertino, California.  

Ellen DeGeneres Takes A Dig At Apple's iPhone X In This Viral Video And It Will Surely Make You Laugh Out Loud

Ellen DeGeneres Takes A Dig At Apple's iPhone X In This Viral Video And It Will Surely Make You Laugh Out Loud

While Kourouche reached the store 10 days before September 22, when the new phone was supposed to go on sale, the company revealed that the iPhone X would only be available only from November 3. Kourouche who is a software engineering student at the University of New South Wales said he was doing it for his fans on YouTube and also wants to be the first people to get the new phone. He said someone even offered to pay him USD 50,000 to keep the first space in the queue for them.

He has also documented his journey from home to the store. Watch the video here:

Daily Mail quoted him as saying, “Last year, I was third and the year before that, I was 100th or something so I’m stepping it up every year. I’m a YouTuber and I’m recording content live for my viewers. On the day of the launch, I’ll record the unboxing in the store. I actually don’t know unless I’m in that situation but being first may get me 50,000 subscribers which would get me US D50,000 in the long run, so I’m thinking macro rather than micro.”

The iPhone X boasts a 5.8-inch display with 2436×1125-pixel resolution Super Retina display, glass and stainless steel design and 12-megapixel dual cameras among other features. The phone’s Face ID facial recognition technology has already gained criticisms. Apple launched iPhone 8, 8 Plus and iPhone X at the event.