Royal Challengers Bangalore (RCB) insider Mr. Nags is back again and this time he has team’s talented all-rounder and former Australian cricketer Shane Watson with him. The duo sat together and talked about lot things, with of course pinch of humor. Also Check- IPL 2016 Complete Coverage

During the freewheeling Watson showed off his singing talent. Watto, as he is fondly called, not only sang famous Country Roads by John Denver but also pleased Mr. Nags by singing a hindi song, Lungi Dance. Well, we were impressed by Watson’s singing and yes by Mr. Nags’ as well. Also Watch- Kohli, Gayle groove with carefree abandon, Watson takes over vocals

Watson also talked about his relation with RCB team-mate Chris Gayle and said he has made ”Peas” with him. When asked about what is he going to with his bid money 9.5 Crores, Watson replied that he will make sure his children get good education back home in Sydney. Also Watch- Its ‘bhangra’ time in RCB camp

RCB stormed their way into the finals after winning five consecutive matches including Qualifier 1 against the Gujarat Lions. Watson has been one of the key performers for his side and is second on the most-wickets list this season with 20 wickets.

Here is full video of Shane Watson’s conversation with Mr. Nags, Peas!