Tehran: Not just Indians, the teachings of Mahatma Gandhi have a considerable impact on people around the world.

Recently, a section of Iranians protesting against a sharp rise in petrol prices in their country embraced Gandhigiri. How? They handed out flowers to troops deployed to control them, and the beautiful gesture has earned praise from social media users across the world.

Appreciating the act, Twitterati posted several videos of protesters distributing flowers to security personnel in an Iranian city. While handing out the flowers, protestors can be heard saying to the police, “We are not the enemy.”

“To stand in the face of terror with love and to try to bring civility to the chaos, is an act of true bravery. Sadly, people will lose their lives in this battle as history has shown us over & over. But goodness will prevail. Hoping for sooner than later,” posted another user.

As per human rights watchdog Amnesty International, at least 106 people have been killed across Iran in protests over the increasing fuel prices and a subsequent government crackdown.

The Iranian government has, however, rubbished these reports.