Baghdad, July 7:  An Iraqi man was mistaken for a suicide bomber in a crowded market in Kirkuk, Iraq when he shouted Allah hu Akbar.  The video, taken by a CCTV camera shows how the crowd began running helter-skelter after the man angrily shouted the phrase which has become infamous due to its common use by terrorists, right before they carry out attacks.

Iraq was targeted by suicide bombers on Sunday, which killed more than 200 people including several women and children. The attack is tagged as one of the deadliest since the 2003-US invasion. The bomb blast is said to have been in retaliation to Iraqi forces dislodging ISIS from Falluja last month.

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In light of the recent attacks claimed by ISIS, people across the world are on the edge. The video reveals how vulnerable people are, particularly in volatile regions such as the Middle East. A number of attacks have taken place over the last two weeks, in Baghdad, Dhaka,  Jeddah and Medina which have shaken the world.

Allah hu Akbar, which means ‘God is Great,’ has now become a catchphrase for terrorists. In fact, in most of the western countries use of this phrase would cause a similar reaction.