We are often hit by hunger pangs especially when we are travelling, and finding some good wholesome food, can at times be a problem. But now our problems are just a coin drop away, after Indian Railway Catering and Tourism Corporation (IRCTC) came up with a unique way of dispensing food at railway stations. It has installed an automatic vending machine at some stations in Mumbai by which travellers can avail nice, hot pizza to eat on the go.

IRCTC shared a video on its Twitter page, and from what we could see, the process starts with a customer inserting money into the machine and then selecting the pizza of their choice.

Next, we can see the dough being mixed to form the pizza base, and then the ingredients are added, before it is put in a piping hot oven. The finished product is then sent to the delivery section from where the customer picks it up.

The video tweet from IRCTC stated, “As a part of catering modernisation step, IRCTC has installed an automatic Pizza Vending Machine at Mumbai Central Railway Station. This machine will dish out hot pizzas in “mechanised” way for commuters visiting the station.”

It appears that pizza is not the only food choice that passengers will be able to enjoy, as the vending machines do have other items like french fries, popcorn, ice cream, and fruit juice.

For now, it is only stations in Mumbai that are being accorded this experience, and hopefully they will be made available in other states too.