One of the most popular and well-loved movie franchise James Bond has come under backlash from millennial internet users who saw the earlier James Bond movies for the first time for the explicit sexism and racism depicted in them. James Bond movies are adapted from the novels written by Ian Fleming and anyone who has read even one novel would know that the author did not depict women in a very good way. Women were treated as a sex object and as a commodity in the books and the same were depicted in the movies. James Bond movies which featured Sean Connery and Roger Moore have specifically come under scrutiny for its sexist treatment of women and many Twitterati have called the former’s James Bond as a rapist. A compilation of some inappropriate scenes from earlier James Bond films that would not be accepted today was uploaded to YouTube and has become viral. The video suggets that James Bond was explicitly sexist.

The compilation uploaded by ‘GuruKid’ has left a lot of Twitter users uneasy and questioning their fictional hero’s attitude towards women and Asians. Cult Bond movies like Diamonds Are Forever, Thunderball and Goldfinger’s scenes have been included in the video and they accentuate the fact that James Bond was no ‘gentleman’ and really needed a lecture on consent, decorum towards women and dating etiquettes and manners. The video is titled ‘Inappropriate Moments in James Bond movies’ and was uploaded in 2016 but is going viral once again now. The video shows scenes like in Thunderball, Sean Connery’s James Bond walks into the bathroom of a woman without waiting for her permission and hands her a pair of heels when she asks him for something to put on before stepping out of the bath. Not only this, he makes himself comfortable and sits in the bathroom. Vanity Fair Cover Photoshoot Gives Extra Limbs to Reese Witherspoon and Oprah Winfrey in Epic Photoshop Fail

Twitterati, especially millennials who watched the older James Bond movies for the first time were aghast at the treatment meted out to women and called James Bond a rapist, sexist, misogynistic prick. Even the last film Skyfall where Daniel Craig plays James Bond is also criticized for his treatment of Severine, a sex slave, when he enters the bathroom, naked when she is taking a shower without waiting for her consent and proceeds to have sex with her. Sample a few tweets from below. Sri Lankan Gym Compared Women to a Barrel, Receives Backlash on Social Media For Sexist Ad

James Bond should be just stopped

Rampant Sexism

Is it a generation thing?

James Bond is sexist and racist, period.

The concept is outdated

A paradigm shift

James Bond will never survive the change

Some people tried to reason and pacify and convince the ones who were offended.

It is the character of James Bond

The books were written in a different time

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When the entire world has united under the #MeToo movement and people are talking and teaching about consent it makes for a huge revelation to know that one of our favourite characters is a sexist, rapist, racist and misogynistic git. However, the only reasoning and saving grace is that the character of James Bond was based in a totally different era when the world was a different place but the fact still remains that James Bond’s actions are not something to be emulated and today’s movies should do away with showing women as a commodity and a sex object, the script needs to change with the times. Hollywood actor Idris Elba recently asked whether Bond can be a woman, and if this happens then probably we will see some seachange in the way women are depicted in Bond movies.