Pornstar turned Bollywood actress Sunny Leone has faced a lot of criticism after entering the Bollywood industry. Not many people are receptive towards her. It is quite clear that people judge Sunny Leone who made her debut on Indian reality television show Bigg Boss. In the recent interview where Sunny Leone was subjected to rather sexist set of remarks and questions, saw B-Town celebs coming out in support of the actress. People have opened up and are gradually accepting her, or so we thought. So do you think that Sunny Leone is a threat to the Indian culture?

This was one of the remarks that was brought up during the infamous television interview of Sunny Leone. The interviewer Bhupendra Chaubey had made a snark remark about how Indian women are insecure when it comes to her, and how they think she is not only a threat to the Indian culture but also in their personal lives. Here is this video check out these youngsters talking about how Sunny Leone could prove to be a threat to the Indian culture. Check out the video below to know the reaction of these youngsters. (ALSO READ: Sunny Leone & Alok Nath come together in a hilarious but poignant short film)