Is this the most beautiful video ever? Gigantic school of Stingrays in the ocean!

This might be the most beautiful thing you’ve seen ever! A video by National Geographic series Untamed Americas shows a huge school of stingray fish in the Pacific Ocean, all moving in the same direction like a flock of birds in the sky. It makes for a magnificent sight, as you see them go forward together, underwater and over it, and even jumping out of water like dolphins!

NatGeo has shared the video on YouTube and it says, “A record-breaking school of mobular rays has arrived off the coast of Baja!” (We wish they had added more details about the adventure off the Californian coast.)

You might have developed a fear of stingrays after the death of Australian wildlife expert Steve Irwin, who was stung by one underwater. But once you look at the NatGeo video showing the gigantic school of rays, you will realise how beautiful and peaceful the creatures are!

Whatever your opinion about stingrays, don’t forget to catch this mesmerising video! (Photo grabs and video courtesy: National Geographic.)