The second test match in the India vs Australia series is here and the Indians are giving Australia a tough time on the field. However, anyone who saw Day 2 of the second test known that Ishant Sharma was the clear entertainer of the test match being played at M.Chinnaswamy Stadium, Bengaluru for the Australia tour of India, 2017. Ishant Sharma mocking Australian cricket captain Steve Smith and his fidgety form on the field left everyone in the splits. Indian captain, Virat Kohli could not help himself from laughing at the exchange of mocking that was the funniest way of sledging seen in test cricket. However, the people who most enjoyed this moment were those on Twitter, who continued to mock Ishant Sharma’s weird expressions and came up with the best explanations and jokes. While there were too many jokes made on Ishant Sharma’s IPL auction and his bowling skills, the best tweet that won everything was the one which rightly compared Ishant Sharma’s face to the dreadful Monday mornings. India vs Australia: Tempers fly as Ishant Sharma mocks Steve Smith, watch video.

Sports fan, Apoorv Sood, who is better known as Tendulkar on Twitter made this remarkable discovery, and as we experience another Monday morning, we cannot help but agree. Ishant Sharma’s redefinition of sledging was widely appreciated by Indians and even brought back the fun and excitement to test matches that people seemed to miss. Sledging has been mandatory in every international match, especially while facing the Aussies. Apart from the Monday morning representation, there were some very hilarious jokes made on Ishant Sharma and his acting skills. Here is a look at some of hilarious jokes and memes from the 2nd day of India vs Australia 2nd Test match.

1. Spotted! Monday mornings detected!

2. The number of times Indian captain Virat Kohli took a hopeful review in this series!

3. There has to be at least one expectation vs reality here!

4. The famous IPL auction joke, because Ishant Sharma had a base price of Rs 2 crore! For bowling four overs!

5. This meme is for every Biryani lover. And yes, Vegetarian Biryani is pulaav!

The Ishant Sharma memes and jokes have been circulating for a long time and seems like his expression will keep him etched in the history of memes. While the Indian cricket team has managed to keep the pressure maintained on the Australian cricket team on the third day of this Test match, Ishant Sharma’s entertaining sledging still remains the best part of the match and as we welcome this Monday morning and embrace the fact that weekend is over, we cannot help but mimic the same expression!