An Israeli man successfully robbed two banks without any weapons but just an avocado.

The 47-year-old, resident of southern Israel, managed to steal $8,300 (almost Rs 6 lakh) from two Beersheba banks last month after threatening the staff with just an avocado which he painted black and made it look like a grenade, Times of Israel reported.

He confidently walked in a Postal Bank branch at the Big Beersheba shopping mall and handed a misspelled note to the cashier asking her to hand over the cash. The note read, “Hand over the money in the drawer,” but misspelled the Hebrew word for drawer according to a Channel 12 television news report cited by the Times of Israel.

“Put the money in the bag quickly or I’ll throw this grenade,” he again threatened the cashier.

The man, who is now facing charges of aggravated robbery, escaped with $4,450 in cash. Five days later, he again goes into another branch of the Postal Bank at the Oren Center shopping area and steals $3,300 using the same method.

He used hats, sunglasses and an eye patch to hide his face but the police caught him with the help of cellphone locations and several other leads.

Later, the police found that the man had a criminal record and was in prison for three years.