Weddings are beautiful. They just make you feel special and great. It’s a moment of joy for everyone – the bride, the groom  and also their families. It is a union of two souls and both the people promise to be with each other for life. There’s a lot that goes into the wedding and a whole lot of preparations to be mad. It’s not exactly easy. But then the beautiful bride first walks down the aisle, it’s a different feeling for the whole assembly. The guests can’t wait till she’s standing besides the groom and till he lifts her veil… The radiance, the beauty, the smile… It’s all just so ethereal.

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But then, is that always the case when the veil is lifted? Is there always and always happiness underneath? Well, not always. And especially not in many cases where the woman is never even asked permission. Marriages, if by choice are some of the most beautiful things but if by force can condemn both the partners to a lifetime of misery. But then, there’s a wedding even worse than that. What could be worse, you ask? UNICEF gives you the answer. In their latest video, they have identified and tackled one of the most prevalent social evils. And whatever you think, this still happens. Everyday.

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No, we are not talking about forced marriages here. Or even about arranged marriages. Arranged marriages aren’t any social evil. But then, this form is. There have been fights against it, people have rebelled, women have raised their voices… But nothing seems to have helped. It is the reality and a harsh one. A reality that is ruining the life of women everyday. We can turn our faces but we can’t change the facts. No, the woman does not “belong” to him nor does she belong to anyone else. She is not a property. She too has a life. Let her live. Please.