US President Donald Trump’s daughter Ivanka Trump was in India meeting entrepreneurs, investors and business leaders from all over the world at the Global Entrepreneurship Summit (GES) 2017 held in Hyderabad. The summit was held to discuss ideas, new pitches and was a platform for networking. Ivanka Trump led the US contingent at the GES themed ‘Women First, Prosperity for All’ in her capacity as the advisor to the US President. However, her visit was a much publicized and highly hilarious affair as social media came up with a ton of memes on her. Amongst the several memes that flooded the social media during the summit, one clearly stood out that was from comedian José Covaco who gave a very hilarious and comical voiceover to an edited video of Ivanka Trump informing her delegates that the real reason for her visit to India was to get her Aadhaar card made. The official Twitter handle of UIDAI responded to Jose Covaco’s viral video and said that Ivanka Trump is not eligible for Aadhaar Card as she is not a citizen of India.

José Covaco shared the video with the caption. “Breaking : Exclusive : Paid media will not show you this. Ivanka Trump actually came to India to get her Aadhaar Card done.” Naturally, since the entire country is running helter-skelter for getting their Aadhaar card made this tweet resonated with the Twitterati and it soon garnered more than 2,000 retweets and 3,794 likes. Ivanka Trump’s Green Dress at the Global Entrepreneurship Summit Was a Complete Disaster

José Covaco’s viral video

The viral video also elicited response from the official Twitter handle of Unique Identification Authority of India (@UIDAI) who replied to the tweet and said that Ivanka Trump could not get her Aadhaar card as she is not a resident of India.

UIDAI’s response to the video

However, there were quite a few queries and reactions from Twitterati and UIDAI responded to all of them. Sample a few below.

The 182 days time period

This was not the first time that UIDAI has displayed their awesome sense of humour on social media. During Dussehra the government agency had shared a graphic of Raavan’s heads showing the triumph of good governance and when people tried to ridicule whether Raavan will have to get ten Aadhaar card because of his ten heads and hence ten irises, the UIDAI Twitter account handled the bait like a pro telling the user that Raavan is not a citizen of India so he can’t apply either.

Raavan analogy

The retort

UIDAI’s response to the Raavan question

Twitter users applauded the admin of the social account

No matter how much ire the UIDAI and the government are getting on social media for making the Aadhaar card mandatory one thing is clear that the social media admin is doing a really swell job.