Yesterday we reported how the Internet was having a gala time over the Trump-Trudeau memes that surfaced after their meeting recently where Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau was shot in a photograph eyeing skeptically US President Donald Trump’s offered hand for a handshake. Now from the same meeting, a new picture has emerged where Ivanka Trump is looking dreamily at the Canadian PM and it has created havoc on social media. Ivanka Trump was a part of the roundtable discussion that Justin Trudeau and Donald Trump held on women and workforce at the White House.

Justin Trudeau and Donald Trump’s handshake had already become an internet sensation and given rise to a meme with hilarious captions. The photograph where Ivanka Trump is caught looking at Trudeau sent the Twitterati in a tizzy. A lot of people wondered what she was doing at the meeting in the Oval office since she holds no formal office whereas others came up with the jokes like – “Get yourself someone who looks at you like Ivanka looks at Trudeau this Valentine’s Day”. While a few others were certain that the 35-year-old was “willing to risk it all”. The memes and jokes took people’s fancy on Valentine’s Day and made everyone crack up with laughter. The Canadian Prime Minister is known for his charming looks, easy and approachable manner and has caught the world’s fancy so obviously Ivanka Trump could not help but fall prey to his charms. Justin Trudeau was dubbed as the ‘PM Steal Yo Girl’ and Twitter users painted the town red with Ivanka Trump stealing a glance. US President Donald Trump and Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau’s handshake is the most ‘awkward’ photo ever

Here are some Ivanka Trump eyeing Justin Trudeau memes that started doing the rounds on Twitter:

It seems that Justin Trudeau has the same effect on almost all the women. Even Duchess of Cambridge Kate Middleton, Emma Watson who played Hermione in the Harry Potter movie franchise and Michelle Obama could not escape Justin Trudeau’s charms. They were caught blushing while talking to him in photographs.