Donald Trump’s daughter photo Ivanka Trump “pretending” to be a scientist has gone viral. And the photo has been turned into some hilarious memes. Recently, during a trip to a science facility centre, she was snapped wearing safety goggles and a lab coat. While she was only pretending that she is doing some science experiments. And within few minutes viral memes started pouring in.

Ms Trump is currently working as an adviser to her father, US President Donald Trump. She travelled to the state of Iowa to tour labs and meet students at the Waukee Aspiring Professional Experience’s (APEX) Innovation and Learning Centre on Monday. There she took part in a series of experiments which was conducted by the students. And she happily shared the picture on Twitter from her trip.

Here’s her tweet along with her staged picture:

People started mocking her photo. One of them who is an engineer tweeted ‘Ms Trump likes cosplaying’.

Some other hilarious Tweets are:

One of them finds it very sexist!

Some sarcastically criticised her.

A photoshop event on Reddit has been also launched, where people edited Ivanka’s photo in every scenario they wished to see her.