While most of us have been privileged enough to sip coffee at Cafe Coffee Day (CCD) how many of us have checked their hygiene? Are cockroaches roaming inside a refrigerator a welcoming scene at the CCD? In one of the shocking incidents of its kind, a man was slapped for pointing out their unhygienic conditions. The man who was shocked to see the rodents inside the fridge of CCD outlet in Jaipur recorded the scene. To his utter shock, one of the employees at the outlet slapped him. Arpan Verma was slapped when he filmed cockroaches crawling inside their fridge.

And if you are wondering why he was slapped because the female employee thought that the man was harassing her by recording her video. She also hurled abuses at him while another employee looked on. Later Nikhil, a friend of Arpan shared the video on Twitter and posted a note that described the incident. He also tweeted to CCD about the incident and this is what the coffee shop gave in reply. Harsh retweeted the video saying, “big slap to consumer and consumerism”. It is shocking that big brands like CCD have under-trained staff and serve unhygienic food. Disgusting! KFC customer finds fly eggs inside popcorn chicken

Here is the video:

The video questions the state of affairs at such outlets. Not only is the behavior shocking but the unhygienic food served to customers in the name of sophisticated and classy is questionable. In the past, there have been various incidents when fast food chains have come under fire for serving unhygienic foods to customers.