In a bizarre incident, a drunk girl in Jaipur visited a petrol pump near Hanuman temple, Ajmer Road, and asked one of the attendants there for fuel worth Rs 200 for her scooty. But once that was done, she refused to give the money. As the attendant continued to ask her to pay, the girl reportedly pulled out a small knife and started threatening him.

Other attendants gathered around the two and tried explaining to her that she needed to pay for the petrol bought. However, the girl, in her inebriated state, abused them and even beat up one of them.

The incident occurred inside the petrol pump was caught on CCTV camera. Police were called but the girl managed to escape on her two-wheeler. Later, the attendants at the petrol pump alleged that she has done the same earlier also.

Sadar police were looking for the girl and had assured that they would take action against her once she’s caught.