An obsession with anything can take a person to various heights. Whether its an obsession with love, or things one likes, the trait has no end. Here, we are going to talk about Rrahul Tanejaa, a model-turned-businessman from Jaipur, who has a special liking for the number ‘1’. The rags-to-riches millionaire likes the number so much that the fetish had led him to splurge lakhs of rupees on fancy number plates for his luxury cars over the years.

The 37-year-old businessman, who runs an event management company, has all his cars with ‘0001’ in the registration plates. The bizarre fetish of the man doesn’t manifest itself to cars, but Rrahul even has his mobile number with five 1s. Not only this, there is a long timeline of his obsession with number 1 on his cars’ registration plates.

The recent one happened on Tuesday when the millionaire spent Rs 16 lakh for a winning bid for a fancy number for his new luxury car: RJ 45 CG 0001. The Transport department officials mentioned this was the highest anyone ever bid for a premium number. Rrahul purchased the Jaguar for Rs 1.5 crore on March 25 and waited for more than a month to get the special number ending with 0001.

However, this is not the first time Tanejaa showed his fetish for his favourite number. Back in 2011, he bought his first luxury car – a BMW 5 series and paid Rs 10.31 lakh for a premium number plate of RJ 14 CP 0001. Rrahul’s next buy was a second-hand Skoda Laura, which he bought only because the registration number of the vehicle was RJ 20 CB 0001. Later, he sold the BMW 5 series car and purchased a BMW 7, he retained its number RJ 14 CP 0001.

Tanejaa’s obsession for number 1 exceeds to other things also.

“Even in 1996 when I bought a second-hand scooter, I made sure its number added up to 1,” says Tanejaa. “The scooter’s number was RJ 14 23M 2323. 2+3+2+3 is 10, which in single digit comes to 1,” Rrahul said.

Explaining his fascination for the digit 1, he said, “I believe in being number one in whatever I do. I want my event management company to be number one in the country.”

Rrahul Taneja’s father ran a tyre repair shop in a village in Madhya Pradesh and shifted to Jaipur in 1984. The man who left his home at 11 says his life has been full of struggle – now when he has money, he wants to enjoy and flaunt it. The Jaipur businessman’s event management company organizes premium weddings.