Move over peeing in swimming pools as taking place of orgies in the hot bath is making headlines! Getting involved in sexual acts at the places where you are not supposed to just add more spice to the situation. And looks like the ‘kinky’ side of Japanese locals are the result of the action taken by the authorities to close 150-year-old beautiful hot springs. The Fudo no Yu hot springs in Nasushiobara City, Japan, is quite a hit among the locals and tourists. But sight of numerous orgies in the public bath made it too awkward for the officials to shut it down.

According to The Tokyo Reporter, Fudo no Yu hot spring, a famous hot spring (or, onsen) was closed after it was reported that there were cases of several incidents of people involved in ‘group sex, filming adult footage and also breaching privacy of other unsuspecting bathers by taking their photographs.” The notable offenders reported were “around 15 middle-aged males and several young women.”

“Over the past year, regular complaints were lodged with the management of the Fudo no Yu hot springs and a local tourism organisation about bathers repeatedly engaging in a number of lewd acts, some of which were filmed,” it stated.

“We are sorry,” a local resident said on the baths’ website, “but it was breach of manners that was impossible to overlook.  We had no choice but to close the bath.”

Fudo no Yu hot springs are located in the woods, at about 100 meters of the Hoki river and offered a great, atmospheric bathing. On an ideal weekend, the place tends to get overcrowded. It offered around 60 enthusiasts take bath in hot waters with an entrance fee of 200 yen till the authorities took their decision on shutting it down.