Hollywood actress Jennifer Lawrence became the victim of hacking after her nude pictures were leaked all across the Internet. The man who was behind the hacking of hundreds of iCloud accounts of Hollywood celebrities has been sentenced to eight months of prison by the federal court in Bridgeport. The Connecticut man named George Garafano have been asked to serve three years of supervised release and to perform 60 hours of community service.

Garafano became famous after he stole private pictures of Hollywood actresses including Jennifer Lawrence and made them available online. He was one of the four men who was arrested after the 2014 hacking scandal. Not only celebrities but he also stole private photos and information from 240 people.

During the court proceedings, he admitted that he had posed as a member of Apple’s security staff and sent messages to the iCloud users claiming that he needed their usernames and passwords. When people reverted to those authentic-looking messages with their login information, he hacked their iCloud accounts to steal their pictures and other personal information.

Jennifer Lawrence has referred to the incident as being equivalent to a sex crime and has asked for a harsher sentence for those who are convicted under such crime.