We are in December and the world is gearing up for Christmas. Christmas is a joyous festival which boasts of family get-togethers, gifts, Santa Claus and a whole lot of magic. The movie channels start showing Christmas movies and kids start penning down letters to Santa Claus addressed to his official address in North Pole. However, Christmas also always bring some heartwarming stories that make us grab those tissues and make the excuse that there is something in our eyes. Hayley Webster, an author who writes under the pseudonym Hayley Scott took to Twitter to share a story of the “nicest Christmas gift” she ever received. The Twitter thread is so loving and endearing that it is difficult to not feel a kind of warm mushy feeling seeping over your heart. The Twitter thread went viral and even moved Harry Potter author JK Rowling who retweeted the Christmas story of the Twitter user. The author found the story beautiful and shared it on her Twitter account.

Hayley Webster says the “Christmas gift” did not count more than £1.50 (approx. Rs 130) but it is probably the most special one that she has ever received, given to her by her father’s girlfriend. The gift is a testimony of a beautiful soul who recognizes and acknowledges the hard work of others. Often we see in the world that the person who shoulders the burden and takes care of everyone is never recognized, acknowledged or credited. People seldom say to them that they have done a good job and seldom give them the rest and understanding that they crave. But, the gift Hayley Webster received did all this and much more.

JK Rowling’s tweet

Read Hayley Webster’s Twitter thread and her Christmas story here

Hayley Webster’s Twitter thread will feature in Twitter Moments for this year

Hayley Webster’s tweet reached epic proportions as her tweet received 16,575 retweets and 55,630 likes with over 1,500 replies. People were gushing about the act of love and kindness that her father’s girlfriend showed her and the fact that she still remembers it even after all these years. People even called Hayley Webster’s father’s girlfriend a real-life Mary Poppins.