Life has strange ways of throwing surprises at you. You may find some of these surprises really shocking like this gentleman who ordered a beer at a UK restaurant but what happened later to him might have wiped off all his wishes of having beer at a fancy restaurant in the future. The man, who’s a journalist by profession, ordered a British beer at a restaurant. All was fine until he drank it and paid the bill. The man named Peter Lalor didn’t bother to check the bill and gave his card to make the transaction. But what he realised in the next few moments scarred him for life.

Peter explained the entire incident on Twitter and many users sympathised with him. When he apparently made the transaction without checking the actual figure he was paying, something inside him rang a bell and he took an effort to know how much did he just pay for a beer. Peter asked a waitress about the money he had been charged and in lieu, received a shocking giggle from the woman. He got to know from a notification that came from his home that an amount of $99,983.64, which is close to Rs 71 lakh, was deducted from his account with an extra transaction fee of Rs $2,499.59 (Rs 1.79 lakh approx).

His head started spinning and he contacted the restaurant’s manager to refund the amount. As per the tweet, Peter only got his fee refunded but the bigger amount is yet to come back. Check out this thread:

So, what do we learn from this incident? Do not keep so much money in one bank account, especially the one that you are using regularly for day-to-day transactions. Always bother to read the bill carefully once you are going to have food or even shop outside. Be careful, even a lesser amount is too much money for the one who has earned it with a lot of hardwork!