Who but the funniest Bollywood actress we know to ask Twitterati to share jokes with her but Juhi Chawla? The former Miss India and acclaimed actress actually asked fans to share the funniest jokes with her in public view, and promised a reward for the three best jokes. I think that is beating her co-actor and rumoured former lover Rishi Kapoor on Twitter! After all, Ranbir Kapoor’s daddy is known for his wit on Twitter and also keeps posting WhatsApp forwards that he thinks are rather funny. Juhi Chawla has gone a step ahead and asked people to converse with her on Twitter!

On November 29, Juhi Chawla said on Twitter, “Share the funniest joke you’ve heard with me and I will RT them and a surprise for the best 3 jokes. Try to get as funny as you can!” She got some really funny responses from fans, and some really cheeky ones, and many of the jokes are what we all have read on WhatsApp. But thankfully fans didn’t troll the actress and played along, seeing her in a good mood. Check out some of the replies Juhi Chawla got on Twitter! 

We are dying to know which of these jokes Juhi Chawla found genuinely funny, because she retweeted most of ’em! But it would have been really cool if Rishi Kapoor had shared a joke with Juhi Chawla, right? Just check him out!