Nike doesn’t want Brazil to linger on its loss in the World Cup. Instead, the brand’s new ad aimed is aimed at pumping up the passionate nation of sports fans for their next global event: the 2016 Olympics. As athletes begin their journey for tomorrow, today, Rio will be waiting.

Instead of trying to dwell more on Brazil’s football fan base, Nike is instead looking ahead to the many events where the country is being expected to do well by everyone when Rio de Janeiro will be the host for the next Summer Games. This #justdoit campaign is filled to its brim with some huge lively positive vibes.

“Tomorrow Starts Now” is an amazing tribute to the outstanding sportsmanship each and every professional athlete of the country. Although Brazil’s chances at glory were abruptly thrashed out by a 1-7 World Cup loss to Germany, this video gives hope to the nation.

Nike brings out the perfect moments that celebrate the unparalleled power of the world’s best athletes. It serves as a strong reminder that not everything is measured by winning, there is a lot more than just winning, the passion it takes to keep going after a defeat is stronger than anything and it should never be underestimated.