This video on ‘Justice for Rajon’ has gone Viral on YouTube. It shows a 13-year old boy named Samiul Alam Rajan being beaten to death. Not much is none about the reason for the torture, but a few people in Bangladesh, who are inflicting this torture on the minor, seem to be enjoying it. (Also Read: Two women in Uttar Pradesh tied up and beaten brutally for not making meals for mother-in-law)

The video has been uploaded Bari-Science Lab. The description of the video on YouTube reads as , “Bari Science Lab collected this video clip from Internet, which shows of a 13-year-old boy, Samiul Alam Rajan, who was brutally tortured to death by some culprits in Bangladesh on July 8, 2015. The men were speaking in Sylheti colloquial language and bursting into laughter frequently.

Ït further added, “As Rajon fell to the ground, one of them said “hit him again.”  Kamrul was again seen hitting him in the head. He was seen beating the boy most of the time. Being tortured for quite a while, the boy sought water. “Give me some water.” Kamrul asked Rajon to drink own sweat while another said, jokingly, if he wanted Tiger, an energy drink, or beer. Rajon replied: “I want a glass of water.” Do let us know what you think about this and what is your stand.

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