Justin Bieber is making headlines with his weird acts and performances. The singer has now become the talk of the town with his stupid memes and trolls. Justin has become a source of endless laughter for us and has recently forgotten the lyrics to his latest and popular Spanish language song Despacito which became a huge hit last month. Soon, after his blah-blah-blah version of Despacito, he has only tickled our funny bone and left us wanting for more.

During the live concert, Justin’s fans requested him to sing his blockbuster song Despacito, but he blatantly refused it. Justin forgot the lyrics and started singing blah blah and but it seems as his refusal did not go well with Justin’s fans who started throwing bottles at the star as he refused to sing his song over the weekend at Stockholm’s Summerburst Music Festival. The 23-year-old singer was featured as a vocalist on the Luis Fonsi and Daddy Yankee tune which released in April this year which was on the top of the Billboard Hot 100 in May for almost 19 weeks.

The Baby singer was not able to perform the song at the event, and the concert goers lost their temper. The star further revealed that he forgot the lyrics of his song. He said, ‘I can’t do Despacito. I don’t even know it.’ Justin looked dapper as he wore a sky-blue jumper and black shorts. Being honest did not help Justin as his angry fans were unhappy with his response and started throwing objects at him. But Justin managed to dodge it and kept on saying “I can’t do it. I can’t do it.”

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Justin could not walk off the stage after the unfortunate incident, and he even calmed his fans. He told them to stop acting out his anger and Don’t throw things at me, please. The singer is currently on his Purpose World Tour, and he landed in the same situation wherein he forgot the lyrics of his song in May. Justin revealed his lyric weakness and said, ‘I don’t know the words, so I say “pocito”. I don’t know the words, so I say, “Dorito” or “burrito” or “blah blah blah.”

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Well, this shows that Beliebers were in no mood to take this shit from their star. We understand the frustration level of the fans after paying the heavy amount for the concert why will anyone miss their favourite song? It’s high time, Justin learns his songs lyrics and by heart them to avoid such embarrassment.

Check the original song here.

Justin’s Purpose Tour has kept him busy, and the singer is due to take to the stage on fire with his voice in Cardiff on June 30. Later on, he will play in London on July 2 and then in America in July and August. Justin will complete his world tour when he will perform in Canada in September and lastly in Tokyo on 24 September.