The internet has once again collectively found its crush and this time it is Justin Bieber’s security guard. The social media spotted 18-year-old Dutch security guard Boy Roeles at the Netherlands’ music festival Pinkpop where Bieber was performing last weekend. Some Beliebers who were standing near the stage while Justin was performing spotted this handsome hunk standing near the stage. One of Justin’s female fans clicked him and posted his photo on social media. Since then Twitter has been buzzing about the teenager’s looks and style. Soon Boy’s striking appearance was brought to international attention and the internet collectively started swooning over him. Boy went viral after a 17-year-old Van Cer Hejden posted his pictures on social because she thought he was ‘super hot’. Soon social media platforms were flooded with the photos of the guy.

A Belgian Twitter user named Joyce with over 10,000 followers retweeted the picture which now has over 14,000 retweets and 34,000 likes. And Twitter like always successfully tracked down his Instagram account too. The 18-year-old from Heerenveen in the Netherlands was shocked was the overnight fame he received. He took to Twitter saying, “The past days were crazy! My phone has exploded with messages.. i dont know whats going to happen.. but its going to be crazy it think”. South Korean President Moon Jae-in’s bodyguard Choi Young Jae is internet’s new handsome bae!

Check out how Twitter swooned over its new found love:

When he was in your frame too

Buoy, he is cute!

Justin, are you watching this?

He is worth that reaction

Time to go weak in the knees all over again

First reaction

And then comes the heartbreak

Using all my skills at one go

A little too hot!

Boy Roeles infact created a new account after the overwhelming reaction. His Twitter bio reads, “Twitter can do special things! I dont know whats happening😂 well here it is.. my first twitter account.” And here’s what he tweeted:

Following the sudden popularity, several radio and TV channels interviewed him and he has constantly tweeting since then. While some said he garnered all the attention than Justin at the concert others asked if he could be their bodyguard. Similarly last month South Korean President Moon Jae-in’s guard Choi Young Jae had grabbed limelight after he was spotted publicly. The internet had hailed him as ‘stunningly handsome’ making his pictures go viral. Social media users also made #bodyguardbae a trend on Twitter with people calling him as the attractive face of the new administration. Pakistan chaiwala (tea seller) Arshad Khan was internet’s yet another crush in 2016. He had also received similar reactions from Twitterati and also appeared in a music video later.