India has a list of taboos that excludes women even from even doing their daily chores. A woman on her period is considered as an untouchable and with menstruation being considered unclean or something embarrassing. On one hand, we talk about women empowerment and on the other hand, we do not let them enter temples while on their periods. Bollywood actor Kalki Koechlin hits out at the mentality and orthodox thinking of people where women are stopped are even stopped from entering the kitchen. Kalki in the video also hits out at the government for adding sanitary napkins to the 12 percent of GST (Goods And Service Tax) slab.

Bigg Boss 9 Contestant Priya Malik's Poem Right To Pleasure  Will Give You Goosebumps

Bigg Boss 9 Contestant Priya Malik's Poem Right To Pleasure Will Give You Goosebumps

The hard-hitting poem says how we refrain even from talking about periods while everything else that happens in the country is discussed at length. The ‘Jia Aur Jia’ actress explains how periods are a natural process in a woman’s body just like other nature’s rules.  She also talks about how shopkeepers sell sanitary pads wrapped in papers or polythene bags, because, again it is embarrassing that a woman on her periods requires napkins, no? The poem in all talks how everything associated with menstruation is considered a taboo in our society.

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Kalki explains how as if the discomfort that comes with periods is not enough, the government is levying further taxes on it. Women had also kickstarted a campaign urging the Government of India to abolish taxes on sanitary napkins entirely. #LahuKaLagaan (tax imposed on blood) had asked the Finance Minister Arun Jaitley to exempt menstrual hygiene products like sanitary napkins from taxes that go up to 14.5 percent in some states.