#MeToo might have taken the nation by storm. It might have revealed the real faces of a few popular names who are proven sexual harassers. It might have given women the courage to speak out. It might have told them that they are not alone and people will listen to their stories. #MeToo might have done a lot of good to the society but it couldn’t make our very own KRK (Kamaal Rashid Khan) understand the real meaning of women empowerment. Or at least that’s what appears from his latest tweet.

Kamaal R Khan, who is in Dubai currently, has posted a tweet announcing that he has fired all female employees from his offices both in Dubai and in India. He has also claimed that neither will he talk to any woman nor will he have any parties from now on. And all this because his wife has asked him to do so. KRK took to Twitter a while back and posted a picture of himself with his wife with the caption, “Yes! It’s 100% true “Ki Main Biwi Ka Ghulam Hoon” So I followed her order. And now we don’t have any female staff in any of my office in India or Dubai. No parties! No talking with any girl. Thanks to #MeToo!” Here’s the post made:


Now, how disgusting is KRK’s tweet is a matter of no debate because when do his tweets make sense anyway. But, there’s something everybody strictly needs to know – there’s no #MeToo in fearing #MeToo. Firing somebody because she’s a woman is not women empowerment but gender discrimination. Not working with a woman is not a solution of minimising or eradicating sexual harassment. Working with them, giving them equal opportunities, not forcing yourself on them and respecting them for who they are, is. But hey, it’s KRK we are talking about and we are mere 2 rupee people!