Kanan Gill has come with a new series named How Insensitive which literally sketches out everything that we so often discuss. After aptly describing the scenario of booking a cab online and planning to go out with friends, their next target is our very favorite palmists or astrologists in general.

The video gives a clear picture of the scam that we know is run at most of the places which claim to predict your future. While we all have known and accepted this for the most part, we are still lured to them and the sketch shows exactly on such customer’s story.

The video features Abhish Mathew and Kaneez Surka as the gullible customers who shed all their money at the palmists after coming face to face with a problem and the palmist in turn lures them and mints money while their problem still remains just as it was.

With relatable statements that make us believe in astrology to the future that 90% Indians want to hear, this video captures the essence of this long going business. There are various parts like “Abroad jaane ke chances hai”, where we will be taken back to our own experience in this field.

Kanan Gill has been luring people with his comic timing and his previous series, Pretentious Movie Reviews with Biswa Kalyan Rath is till date one of the most hilarious reviews on the internet. Watch this hilarious sketch here.