One of the finest talents of the industry, Kangana Ranaut is incredibly famous for raising her voice against nepotism in Bollywood. Ever since she openly called out Karan Johar, ‘flag-bearer of nepotism’ and ‘movie-mafia’ on his own show this year, it has snowballed into forming two camps in B-town. In the aftermath of the event, star kids have consistently attacked Kangana but the recent one by National Award winning film maker Apurva Asrani (the guy who is at loggerheads with Kangana due to ‘Simran’ script credits) is baffling. The Aligarh writer accused the actress of nepotism only to be shut down by Kangy’s elder sister, Rangoli Chandel in just six beautiful tweets.

Apurva Asrani is a famous writer-editor having great movies credited to his name such as Shahid, Aligarh, CityLights among many. But most of you would recognize him after the Hansal Mehta’s ‘Simran’ script credits controversy. The film starring Kangana Ranaut claimed the script to be co-written by the actress, much to the annoyance of Apurva. The film editor who does not leave an opportunity to take a jibe at the actress once again made a sly remark of Kangana guilty of nepotism.

He wrote on Twitter, “I hired my brother as addnl writer on my new film. #Kangana hired her sister as manager & now promotes her brother. All guilty of #nepotism? (sic)”. Apurva attacked Kangana of promoting her sister, Rangoli and their brother, Akshit Ranaut. This accusation from Shahid editor came in the wake of the 18th International Indian Film Academy Awards (IIFA) fiasco where director Karan Johar, actors Saif Ali Khan and Varun Dhawan were at their disgraceful best in dishing Kangana and her fearless opinion against nepotism.

Apurva’s Controversial Tweet Accusing Kangana of Nepotism

Apurva with his tweet got everyone talking about if Kangana was herself into promoting nepotism like the fraternity she has accused of. While one has to wait for what Kangana has to say about the accusations made by a long-time foe, her elder sister Rangoli Chandel came to her defence. Rangoli in a series of tweets completely destroyed Apurva and his claims of Kangana being guilty of nepotism.

Rangoli, an acid-attack survivor explains what it is to be like one.

She speaks about how Kangana helped her survive the tough ordeal

She gives an insight of her work and achievements

Speaks like one true elder sibling

Allows Apurva Asrani to have his 5-minutes of fame

Explains what really is NOT nepotism!

The nepotism storm is unlikely to settle down in the coming days. Apurva who blatantly accused Kangana of nepotism had also shared his opinion after the IIFA 2017 gag by the trio (Saif, Karan and Varun) who proudly shouted ‘Nepotism Rocks’. He was quoted saying by Indian Express, “I think the IFFA gag was in bad taste and people are right in condemning it. But the nepotism debate must move beyond making villains of the privileged. It is a problem with the system, across all sectors, and we need to realise that we are all guilty of it. When we hire our trusted family members and friends, use our clout to refer a friend, we are all nepotistic.” His words might find an audience but his scathing tweet about Kangana has completely been doused by Rangoli!

Kangana Ranaut is currently shooting for the ambitious Manikarnika—The Queen of Jhansi, a biopic on Rani of Jhansi, helmed by Gabbar director Krish. The actress got hospitalized after sustaining a severe injury while shooting for a fight sequence. She got her forehead hit, but according to reports, Kangana will sport the scar in the movie. It is the fine art and sheer dedication which makes her one of the most admired and influential actresses of the present times.