Kangana might be in the news these days for all the wrong reasons but then, the woman is definitely one of the best stars we’ve seen. Whatever her personal life might be, no one can fault the completely funny and classy star that she is on screen. In her latest, we see her in a completely new avatar – that of a completely sanskaari daughter! Kangana has recently taken up to starring in advertisements and while her Boroplus advertisement was not all that interesting, she sure has improved in the ad department and now, she’s starring in a hilarious and yet, so relatable advert for an online furniture site – Mebelkart.

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In the video, we see Kangana talking to her friend on the phone and saying just how exciting the party was and how much fun they had. But the minute the lift doors open again, she’s all ready in a desi-daughter avatar, salwar kameez et all. But then, she’s late already and just how will she get past her army officer dad and what ‘bahana‘ will she make for getting home so late? Will she be able to manage this crape? The advertisement is completely relatable and completely hilarious. It tells us just the tale of every girl out there and all the tricks she employs to get out of scrapes. Also, Kangana in the desi avatar is stunning and completely at home! Quite brought back the Rani memories!

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Kangana is currently shooting for Rangoon, the movie which is expected to release in 2017. While the shooting for the movie is on, the Queen has managed to constantly stay in the news thanks to her Hrithik Roshan controversy. While many in the industry are applauding her for taking on such a megastar and being honest, there are others who are blaming her for trapping the poor actor and laying all the blame on her. Well, whatever be her personal life, we are glad it has not affected her work or her performance and wish she continues to happily surprise us each and every time! The Queen actress is surely on the top these days and her funny but cute advertisement shows us just how interesting she can be when she wishes to be!