Kangana Ranaut has been on a spree of bashing Bollywood biggies while promoting her upcoming movie, Simran. After breaking the internet with her viral Aap Ki Aadalat interview, Kangana outdid herself with a shorter but much more daring video feat All India Bakchod. From calling out the clichéd Bollywood movies that neglect the female lead to making statements on Hrithik Roshan’s entry in Bollywood and of course Nepotism, the new AIB video did it all. AIB: The Bollywood Diva Song feat. Kangana Ranaut has beautifully summarised the issues that Bollywood actresses with a strong opinion face in the industry.

The video which is a parody song begins with Kangana and her points being ignored by the director who does not care about the opinions of women and sets the plot for Kangana’s comeback with a song that summarises the industry that enjoys sexualising women in every single scene without an ounce of regret. The new AIB parody song is set to the tune of the infamous sexist Bollywood song, Chitiya Kalaiya and gives a much more meaningful and relatable version of the song.

The Bollywood Diva song highlights everything that women have to put up with because they have a vagina and mocks everyone from Hrithik Roshan and Karan Johar to Shah Rukh Khan and the concept of having women as ‘arm candies’ and ‘item girls.’ Kangana also touches on the topic of older actors romancing young girls and actresses being labelled ‘old’ once they are married. The video has been loved and appreciated by all Kangana fans and AIB fans and logical human beings in general.

Watch Kangana Ranaut Slamming Bollywood in Bollywood Diva Song

The 7-minute-14-second video summarises everything that Kangana has been standing up against and brushes upon so much more. Written by the geniuses at AIB, the Bollywood Diva song has been directed by Tanmay Bhatt and tells the story in the most concise and badass way possible. All India Bakchod are known for their ability to keep things real and make the most logically point calling out the bullshit and they strike again with this new video.